Three Questions Get The Girl

Three Questions Get The Girl

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Vin Dicarlo’s Three Questions Get the Girl / Pandora’s Box review.

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Three questions get the girl are not 3 questions you ask a woman, but are three questions you ask about a woman to determine your strategy to make her yours.

The system is deals with the complex and diverse personality types of women, yet it is very simple.

It categorizes women based on their personality type relating to 3 factors.

Is she is a:

  • Tester or an Investor
  • A Denier or Justifier
  • An Idealist or a Realist.

Based upon those answers you discover which of the 8 personality types a women is. Thus you will have three questions get the girl.

Once you understand her personality type you have a clear navigation pathway of how to approach her in every way from getting her in bed to having a long term relationship. And most importantly you establish a clear pathway to make her totally devoted to you and know exactly when to jump ship if that’s not what you want.

This system had me immediately running through my mind all the women I’ve dated previously, wanted the most, but just slipped away.

Hindsight is 20/20, however this system is binoculars.

But more importantly, this technology allowed me to immediately understand the personality types of my current relationships. Factors like why this girl likes to test my boundaries, to why this girl is open to overt physical persuasion, to why this other girl isn’t. Three questions get the girl is all about simplifying the complexities of women.

Personalities are developed over time.

It starts from childhood and builds with every experience and every dramatic encounter she has in her life. This technology identifies her personality type which will give you valuable incite on her life experiences, her current motivations and her actions.

It’s like playing chess when you know her next move.

The signals are so clear it’s baffling. You will understand women better than they understand themselves. That is what you will learn with this system. When understanding them so intimately, they will develop an instant connection. Finally someone who understands them. You instantly separate your self from 99.9% percent of the guys who don’t. You become the man of their dreams. Serious. The psychology behind three questions get the girl is extremely spot on.

But buyer beware, this information in the wrong hands can do some serious damage. So if destruction is your intention, chill, pass on this opportunity. But if you’re just looking to expand your game, broaden the girls on your team, master your existing relationship, or get that girl you want, and your ready to know and are responsible to use the three questions get the girl Pick up this course.


Three Questions Get The Girl Review.

Three Questions Get The Girl


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  1. I picked this one up. I agree, I love this system!

  2. I use these tools every day. Its good. Good review.

  3. Just found out my girl is a TJR

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